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In order to keep the community active and always inspiring, each member pledges to give some time and/or resources

Our operating mode is based on volunteering and win/win situation with our contributors.

To make sure that all our members embrace the philosophy and values of this community, we have developed the following pledge to be read and agreed to :

* I understand that this organization’s main objective is for members to support, empower, share with, and care for each other. I will  therefore endeavor to be helpful whenever possible and  per my abilities, keep a respectful attitude at all times, and spread positive energy.

* I also understand that any information shared by other members during any  of  the organization’s events must remain strictly confidential  to create a safe environment wherein members feel  secure to speak openly and share with each other. 

* With the above in mind, I hereby pledge to commit myself to Elles Project, Inc. throughout the year with my time and/or resources.

Membership Perks

  • Access to a high level network of women, either entrepreneur or high executive who are willing to share resources
  • Expand your leadership, professional and personal skills
  • Discounted or Free events
  • Access to other members info and Introduction on request
  • Access to Business and network meetings
  • Access to a Facebook Private Group and Website members page – Be part of the professional directory
  • Free banner Ad in 1 newsletter
  • Catch up with good friends and meet new ones

Membership Pricing

Yearly Subscription : $ 150,00 (one time fee)

Membership Process : 

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